Welcome to AHD

AsianHomeDeco (AHD) is a service company that sources traditional Chinese furniture for you in and around Beijing.
There are also some of it’s own lines, and thanks to the years of experience we can produce at the very source any model of classic Chinese furniture you require.

The services from AHD are:

  • sourcing
  • price negotiation (we guarantee the best price)
  • quality control
  • professional photo shooting
  • white-page service: online stock from many warehouses made available through your own website
  • and much more!


About the development of interior design for private homes in China

For those of you who have been visiting China before 2008, you must have witnessed the fast development of the Chinese society. Mainly the cities boomed into a wealthy society where brands and fashion become more visible.

The same development that happened in the clothes-business before 2008 is now happening for the interior design business.
Not only do Chinese acquire more taste, and do they get better informed by the media, but also there are more families who’ hae got the budget to spend more on interior design. A lot of the middle class have bought their apartment early this millennium, and now that the loan is not a heavy burden anymore, they can spend it on the interior.




We sell a large variety of furniture and accessories; from Chinese antique furniture to Tibetan furniture, lamps, statues and any antique pieces you can find on the Chinese market.
We work closely with around 20 suppliers that match our requests of quality, design, reliability and our ethic standard. Our main suppliers are located in Beijing and the provinces of Gansu, Shanxi, Hebei and Henan.


About Price and quality

It is our strong belief that quality prevails over price, but quality does not come at whatever price! Through our experience in the business we know what can be expected for a certain price level. And although it is sometimes hard to explain this to our customers (who for ex. want cheap and high end at the same time), we do our best to transfer as much knowledge to them so they understand the various price-quality levels.
Most important is that we will honestly tell  you what the quality of each product is and thus what difficulties you might encounter with certain products. For example Indian furniture which is made with much lower carpentry skills than traditional Chinese furniture.